Telephone Box

Phone box, Lidgett Park Road LS8

Phone box, Lidgett Park Road LS8

There are about 10,500 red telephone boxes like this one left in the UK.

It’s the K6 model – over 60,000 were installed since it’s design in 1935 by Giles Gilbert Scott. The same year my mum was born and Alcoholics Anonymous started.

The red phone box was recently voted the best British design of all time – beating Spitfire, London taxis and the miniskirt. Of course, that’s debatable. This phone box is by St Edmund’s Church in Roundhay, Leeds 8.

The No Tree

Close up of the No Tree, east side of Gledhow Valley WoodsAs I went out one morning… I spied graffiti on graffiti. Someone had written NO on a yellow spot that was spray-painted on a beech tree.

No Tree III - oil painting of yellow spots on trees in Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds.Unless you had an interest in yellow spots, you might not have noticed it.

The word NO is graffiti'd onto a yellow spot painted on a tree. The yellow spot is spray paint and marks the tree for felling. Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds 8The yellow spots appeared on about 120 trees a few months ago to mark them for felling.
Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds 8.

Rosie’s garden, 1991

wild flowers in the back garden

Rosie’s garden, Bankside Street, Leeds 1991

A hot and sunny day last century, in a friend and neighbour’s garden.

I’m lucky – quite a few people over the years have said to me, “Come and paint in my garden!”. For a long time I lived in places where there were no gardens, only yards – some parts of Leeds 8 are just bricks, cracked concrete and tarmac.

And so it was a kind offer when Rosie said I could paint in her garden and I took it up. She also lent me her car about 500 times before I could afford my own.

This painting is from the summer of 1991 – I remember the oriental poppies that Sumi had planted a few years before, they kept re-seeding themselves. And it looks like broad beans in front of the trellis.

Thanks for the encouragement and all your generosity, Rosie Foster (1953-2015).

Roundhay & Oakwood Festival 2014

Preston at Oakwood
Stew and Oyster, Oakwood
The Roundhay & Oakwood Festival 2014 is on!

Come and see 50 works of art by local artists on display this week at Preston and Stew & Oyster bars in Oakwood, Leeds 8.

No beer purchase necessary, just walk in during opening hours. All are welcome. Feel free to lean over the punters and admire the pictures – they are expecting you.

Official Opening Event –  Saturday 1st November 2014, 6-8pm, in the bars. Meet the artists and have a chat. Map and location.

Roundhay & Oakwood Festival  2014

Back o’ the houses

Watercolour painting of suburban houses backing onto Gledhow Valley Woods in Leeds 8
Trees and houses face each other. The leaves are out, the trees will win – if left to their own devices.

Summerhouse in Roundhay

Watercolour painting of a former tennis pavilion now used as a summerhouse in Roundhay, Leeds 8.
Another commission – and I was keen to do it. I exhibited here recently in the Roundhay Arts Trail. One of my more formal paintings, not an easy subject and difficult to execute.