Telephone Box

Phone box, Lidgett Park Road LS8

Phone box, Lidgett Park Road LS8

There are about 10,500 red telephone boxes like this one left in the UK.

It’s the K6 model – over 60,000 were installed since it’s design in 1935 by Giles Gilbert Scott. The same year my mum was born and Alcoholics Anonymous started.

The red phone box was recently voted the best British design of all time – beating Spitfire, London taxis and the miniskirt. Of course, that’s debatable. This phone box is by St Edmund’s Church in Roundhay, Leeds 8.

8 thoughts on “Telephone Box

  1. Truly wonderful Jo. Looks like you were standing while drawing this. (Always seems to work better for me, drawing while standing.) I remember these phone boxes from childhood, the heavy doors, clicking dial, penny slots…Great job!! Best, Russell.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Russell, and well-observed – I always draw standing up, even tho it hurts. Not sure I could do it sitting down, in fact… Like conducting?

      • You’re welcome Jo. I’ve noticed a difference in my own work, drawings made standing have more verve—not sure what’s going on. Have a great Sunday, and hope the show goes well. Best, Russell.

  2. I love this. The black and white scheme allows me to look at all the lines and shapes in a different way than with color. I don’t know how it would look in color – the box would stand out more, and I love the way it nestles in the middle of this picture as it is. What a wonderful image.


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