The No Tree

Close up of the No Tree, east side of Gledhow Valley WoodsAs I went out one morning… I spied graffiti on graffiti. Someone had written NO on a yellow spot that was spray-painted on a beech tree.

No Tree III - oil painting of yellow spots on trees in Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds.Unless you had an interest in yellow spots, you might not have noticed it.

The word NO is graffiti'd onto a yellow spot painted on a tree. The yellow spot is spray paint and marks the tree for felling. Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds 8The yellow spots appeared on about 120 trees a few months ago to mark them for felling.
Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds 8.

7 thoughts on “The No Tree

  1. One can only hope that the longer this drags on the greater the chance the trees might stay. (Probably over optimistic I expect). Good to see that others are ‘replying’ to the yellow spots.

  2. Great work Jo, one of those paintings you can just walk into. I really miss the big old beech, and oak trees—not much of that around here. Such a shame these trees will be gone, for the sake of lining someone’s pocket probably. Hope you are well, Russell.

    • Ta Russell, i pity your plight 😉 Don’t they have beech trees in NS? It remains to be seen if these ones survive – they might… Hope all is well ~ sorry i missed your burfdays again.


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