Fire Memory 1, pencil drawing by Jo Dunn_2017

The fires in my garden were festive, exciting –
Stars and sparks mingling
Woodsmoke a spicy scent, in your hair lingering.

The fires in my fireplace were friendly, inviting –
Warming and mellowing music and wine
The glow in the hearth made your eyes gleam and shine.

But this was a fire that was bitter and frightening
It came uninvited
Rapacious as lightning
Tore through the house, left my life dark and hollow
Its flames soon extinguished
Then long-lasting sorrow.
Weeks of toil, months of mourning, confusion and grieving
And realisation of what is not here –
Then sweep up the ashes and dump what we’re leaving –
We’ll build a new bonfire
The first of the year.

Fire - animated gif by Jo Dunn 2018

Poem by TW

Yellow Spot Painting – animation


Animating myself painting – with a 10 year-old dv camcorder and stop motion pro software at Leeds Animation Workshop this weekend.

Star Cells – animation

Star Cells, animation for Winter Solstice

Animation for Winter Solstice

It has just gone dark – the longest night
But even in the dark – there is some light!

Happy Solstice to all ye pagans!