Black Woods

pencil drawing of the woodspencil drawing of the woods

Late August, the leaves seem more black than green.
I don’t want to go in the woods when they are like this.
Flies buzzing.
Heavy and sweet smells of rotting.

3 thoughts on “Black Woods

  1. Interesting you say this. Here the woods are getting lighter – the undergrowth seems to be shrinking into itself and the leaves starting to dry, turning an olive tone unlike the juicy strong bluer color they had earlier. I like them now – less pressing in on me but still feeling full.

    And, I love these drawings. They convey the layers I always feel I’m walking among when I’m under the trees.

      • Yes. Your comments made me think about if the ones I walk in here are at the stage you mention and when, and I would say I feel this way more like late June. Really had to review the summer to figure this out. Added more to your pictures when I looked again to make this connection. Kind of strange, I guess, but I enjoyed the process. !!!


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