River Mersey – Three Queens

River Mersey, Three Queens event May 2015 - Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Quenn Mary 2
The 175th anniversary of the Cunard Line, Liverpool, May 25th 2015 – the three ships Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary II, meet in the River Mersey and perform aquatic manoeuvres neither seen nor attempted before.

It was a sight to behold – a strange and unexpectedly emotional experience. Many scousers, including me, wept with pride.

11 thoughts on “River Mersey – Three Queens

    • Ahoy, Russell! Glad you like the pic – I want to do more with this theme but am working on an animation commission… so the ships will have to wait. Shiver-me-timbers.

        • Halfway yes, Russell, but not my film. The animation at the moment is about migrant domestic workers – for a campaign group called Justice 4 Domestic Workers. It will be finished in September. Then I can do mine 😉 I am very excited about both.

          • Sounds good, socialist theme to boot 😉 Wonder if next project will feature your Wolf—was admiring print again yesterday. Take care, Russell.

  1. Jo, your drawing really shows the grandeur of the river and the event. Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing about your experience.

  2. Quite a spectacle I’m sure Jo ! Lovely sketch .
    Strange how what I would call an event is completely missed by me … wonder if it had much coverage .


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