Out, damned spot!

Yellow dots on beech trees in Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds, January 2015. They are marked for the axe

Gledhow Valley Woods, beech trees marked for the axe

Recently someone has been out spray-painting in the woods. The graffiti takes the form of yellow dots on about 100 trees. It is possible that these trees will be felled this year in a Leeds city council private finance initiative. Allegedly, the council will not benefit from the sale of the timber. The reasons for the axing seem unclear and there is some strong local debate.

This painting is of three beeches on the slope overlooking the lake.

Save Gledhow Valley Woods
Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods
Leeds Council reveals plans for 66,000 new homes
Plans for homes in Leeds woodland rejected

7 thoughts on “Out, damned spot!

  1. I love the painting, and there is something about the yellow spots (outside of their real-world meaning) that makes this composition. It seems to be to emphasize three-ness – I see a lot of threes here. I found that appealing totally outside of how visually satisfying the overall image is.

    I love your work. And I hope the trees win out.

  2. They might just be thinning the woods, but I fear the worst. At least you’ve immortalized these fine beech trees. A lovely free-flowing water colour. Best, Russell.


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