Spring sun

Sunset woods

Saturday late afternoon

Green sun of Spring, Thursday afternoon

Thursday afternoon

A watercolour and an oil painting. The sun is warming up the woods. In the daytime the sun looks green, like spring.

10 thoughts on “Spring sun

  1. I did a couple of watercolours last weekend – not done much this year. Still struggling to leave white space. Your use of non paint is masterful. I wandered through your archive afterwards and resolved to try to paint less more frequently.

    • Kes, you definitely have a way with words – can I quote you on this? 😉 It’s funny because i’ve thought about your bird drawings a few times recently when ive been working and i take my hat off to you for your skill at capturing movement and form. I concluded that it was easier to do what i do that what you do. But perhaps we help each other to fill in the gaps – or create more gaps, whichever is preferable…

      • I hope its ok but I have commented on your painting and linked to it on my latest post. But the thing I love about the blogging is just seeing what people post, the art in progress, the finished pieces, the different styles, the comments on methods, the small insights into people’s lives between the art without pouring out our hearts to each other. To be honest, it makes me think about a good pub conversation, but over the internet and we each have to supply our own booze. I do learn a lot from you and others like you. So thanks and don’t sue me when I plagiarise your methods as I surely intend to do! 🙂

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