Paintings at Bono Art Gallery

This is Bono Art Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in Otley and a new venue for my work. I’m happy to say that since the start of this year, Bono is selling my paintings. Other artists’ work you can browse and buy here include David Veron, German DiezMichael John GriffithsMoff SkellingtonRoberto Bono and Shane Green.

Bono Art Gallery opened in February 2013. It’s a friendly place which has developed into a hub of creative activity on several levels. Artists have set up their easels and paint in the gallery space. Life drawing, art tuition, portraits and commissions are available. Children and adults meet on winter afternoons to play chess. Live art events and talks by international artists also take place – the next one is on Saturday 1st March 2014. I get the feeling Bono’s aim is to bring art to the people – and it’s working… a visit to Bono’s is a life-enhancing experience.

7 thoughts on “Paintings at Bono Art Gallery

      • Yes, it can be a struggle sometimes thrashing about on your own. Did you manage to get Jupiter up on the wall. Found a great frame in the city for ‘bath night’ but when I got home discovered it didn’t quite fit. That’s what people take measurements for I suppose :-/ I’ll be better prepared next time. Have a great week, Russell.

        • Do you need a tape measure, Russell? I can send you one but it’ll probably take 3months in the post 🙂 Not framed Jupiter yet. We should have a race to see who does it first. I have recently been paid, when I’m over this flu bug I will get me to the framer… Hope all is well with you. Your latest drawings are great 😉

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