Spurn Point, Holderness

Spurn Point on the longest day – sunset and moonrise, 180 degrees apart. We went for an evening picnic. These paintings are from the landward-side near the Spurn Bird Observatory. Whenever I go to Spurn I wonder why I stayed away so long and I never want to leave.

Spurn Point sunset, looking towards Hull

Spurn Point sunset, looking towards Hull

Spurn Point with moon, looking south

Spurn Point with moon, looking south

14 thoughts on “Spurn Point, Holderness

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  2. Jo, this painting is lovely. I’ve never really visited Spurn Point, although I have wanted to. Your painting has really made me want to go, along with the current beautiful weather. Also i just wanted to really thank you for all your likes on our blog. It’s so appreciated, It was really nice for the new people to get a like!
    The bird observatory sounds wonderful. I’m afraid I don’t have the talent to paint like you, but I can imagine it’s a wonderful activity especially when connected to nature.
    Thanks again, and thanks for these great inspiring paintings,

    Vicky x:)

    • Thank you Vicky, it is very encouraging to read your comment. Spurn is a fragile environment as you may know – the road to the lighthouse was closed for a few months due to a sea breach but if you’re mobile you can walk it. It may be open again by now. It’s a brilliant place.

  3. You used the minimum amount of strokes to indicate each object. it’s interesting that each stroke on its own wouldn’t mean or look like anything if it was isolated, but all together they support each other and inform the viewer of what the other strokes are. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Beautiful watercolours Jo, love the moonlit landscape, you really captured the strange light quality. I can tell youยดre a child of nature, Russell.

  5. Wonderful to capture Sun set and Moon rise like this Jo ! How special too it being Midsummer .
    Love the muted tones but also the sun there having its last ‘light’ blast for the day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the appreciation, PT – it was a special visit, I just soaked it up and enjoyed the scene. It wasn’t till afterwards that I realised the potency of the sun and the moon together on that day


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