Back o’ the houses

Watercolour painting of suburban houses backing onto Gledhow Valley Woods in Leeds 8
Trees and houses face each other. The leaves are out, the trees will win – if left to their own devices.

Clock changing woods

woods 28th march
I’m losing sleep tonight. The clocks go forward and in the lost hour it feels like time to stop painting the trees and look for a different horizon.
Here’s a drawing with my eyes shut. It still looks like trees:
eyes shut drawing

Spring sun

Sunset woods

Saturday late afternoon

Green sun of Spring, Thursday afternoon

Thursday afternoon

A watercolour and an oil painting. The sun is warming up the woods. In the daytime the sun looks green, like spring.

Winter afternoons

Woods in February
Woods and deck
Poetry links:
The wistful whispering of winter woods, Jim Cunningham
There’s a certain slant of light, Emily Dickinson
Woods in Winter, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

And you can see some sketches here.

Pictures at an exhibition

To coincide with the current exhibition of my new paintings at Otley Courthouse, here’s a look at where and how some of it happened.

The exhibition has been extended from 6th – 11th January 2014, open Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm. (N.B. closed for the holidays between 21st Dec and 5th Jan). The preview event is Sunday 8th December, 6-8pm, and everybody is welcome. Click here for more information.

Gledhow Wood Road

Sunlight through the trees. This is the top end of the road, painted at the end of August. It’s also a homage to John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836–1893) who painted similar scenes of Leeds in the moonlight.

Gledhow Wood Road, looking north

Gledhow Wood Road, looking south

Living by the woods

The back of my house faces the woods – it’s like a green wall in summer. I’ve been separating out the trees to give myself a subject. Somehow doing this also makes me feel less oppressed by the wall – a gathering of 10,000 trees that are twice as old as me and twice as high as my house.

woods 3 june 2013

woods 2 june 2013woods behind garden june 2013