River Mersey – Three Queens

River Mersey, Three Queens event May 2015 - Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Quenn Mary 2
The 175th anniversary of the Cunard Line, Liverpool, May 25th – the three ships Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary II meet in the River Mersey and perform aquatic manoeuvres neither seen nor attempted before.

It was a sight to behold – a strange and unexpectedly emotional experience. Many scousers, including me, wept with pride.

25 Paintings – The Old Grammar School Gallery

Current exhibition in Otley by artist Jo Dunn - 25 Paintings - The Old Grammar School, Manor Square, Otley LS21 3AY

Jo Dunn – 25 Paintings at The Old Grammar School Gallery, Otley LS21

This month I’m exhibiting my recent paintings at TOGS Gallery in the market town of Otley, West Yorkshire. The show runs until 29th May 2015 and the official opening is tomorrow night, Friday 15th May, 5-9pm. I’m looking forward to it… All welcome and refreshments will be provided.

The Old Grammar School Gallery, Manor Square, Otley, LS21 3AY – map here
Open Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm.

Jo Dunn at TOGS
‘Introducing… Jo Dunn’ (Recent interview from Stations of the Cross, St Edmund’s Church, LS8)

Telephone Box

Phone box, Lidgett Park Road LS8

Phone box, Lidgett Park Road LS8

There are about 10,500 red telephone boxes like this one left in the UK.

It’s the K6 model – over 60,000 were installed since it’s design in 1935 by Giles Gilbert Scott. The same year my mum was born and Alcoholics Anonymous started.

The red phone box was recently voted the best British design of all time – beating Spitfire, London taxis and the miniskirt. Of course, that’s debatable. This phone box is by St Edmund’s Church in Roundhay, Leeds 8.

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Exhibition, St Edmund's Church, Lidgett Park Road, LS8. This is the Ninth Station: Jesus falls a third time.

Oakwood Parade, Good Friday

Stations of the Cross is an multi-media art exhibition which you can see for the next few weeks at St Edmund’s Church, Lidgett Park Road, Leeds LS8 1JN.

Curated by illustrator and artist Si Smith, fourteen Leeds-based artists were each given one of the 14 Stations of the Cross to interpret. I was commissioned to paint the Ninth Station – Jesus falls a third time.

Opening times, interviews with the artists and more can be found on the St Edmund’s Stations website.

Station 9 (fragment i)
Station 9 (fragment v)
Station 9 (fragment iii)
Station 9 (fragment iv)

Stations of the Cross - art exhibition at St Edmund's Church LS8

Stations of the Cross, at St Edmund’s Church LS8

Sandy Beaches at Spurn

Escape to the North Sea! This is the edge of the land at Sandy Beaches Holiday Village, Kilnsea, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Looking south from Sandy Beaches Holiday Village at Spurn National Nature Reserve

Static caravans at Sandy Beaches

Looking south, Spurn peninsular

Looking south to Spurn Point

The last big storm surge washed away the road and access to the Point is now by foot or truck only.

Where the road has washed away, Spurn Peninsular

The new method of transport to get to Spurn Point

RNLI crew leave peninsula
Spurn Point, Holderness

The No Tree

Close up of the No Tree, east side of Gledhow Valley WoodsAs I went out one morning… I spied graffiti on graffiti. Someone had written NO on a yellow spot that was spray-painted on a beech tree.

No Tree III - oil painting of yellow spots on trees in Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds.Unless you had an interest in yellow spots, you might not have noticed it.

The word NO is graffiti'd onto a yellow spot painted on a tree. The yellow spot is spray paint and marks the tree for felling. Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds 8The yellow spots appeared on about 120 trees a few months ago to mark them for felling.
Gledhow Valley Woods, Leeds 8.

Cars go by

Gledhow Valley Road, LeedsCars go by.
They cannot see
the yellow spots.
Only the walkers –
the dog walkers,
the lonely walkers,
the walkers in love –
Only the nature lovers,
the poets,
the artists looking for inspiration –
Only the commuters taking short cuts and
the school children
on their way home
can see
the yellow spots.


Felling of the beech wood Save Gledhow Valley Woods
FGVW minutes January 2015 (see Selective Tree Felling section)

Yellow Spot Painting – animation


Animating myself painting – with a 10 year-old dv camcorder and stop motion pro software at Leeds Animation Workshop this weekend.